Frederic Buehner

(1908 - 1971)

German metalsmith Frederic Buehner studied at the Deutscher Werkbund with modernist icons Kem Weber and Walter Von Nessen under Bruno Paul. In 1929 he emigrated to the United States, where he developed a formula for aluminum to be used in decorative and food service items. He registered the trademark for his aluminum-ware under the name Buenilum in 1933. His company, Buehner-Warner, was sold in 1969 to Pfaltzgraff where his production of aluminum, stainless steel and porcelain gift wares continued until the division closed its doors in 1979.

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05-082. Frederic Buehner Buenilum servers

05-082. Frederic Buehner
Buenilum servers
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